Warzone 2 pro sets $100,000 challenge for devs to complete Nuke contract

A Warzone 2 operator staring down the sights of his weapon in Al Mazrah.Activision

Warzone 2 pro Futives was not happy with Infinity Ward after failing to complete the nuke quest during a 19-hour stream, issueing a $100,000 challenge to the devs.

Futives is one of the best Warzone 2 players around but his nearly day-long chase for a nuke took some unlucky twists and turns.

As he was wrapping up for the day, he had some choice words for the Infinity Ward developers and claimed that he’d give up $5000 to watch them go on a 3-game win streak and up to $100,00 if they were able to complete the nuke contract.

Futives challenges Warzone 2 devs to complete Champion’s Quest nuke contract

The VTuber held nothing back as he ranted about the state of the game and how frustrating he believes it is to play.

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“I would go into debt for the rest of my life to watch them play this s**t for a nuke…this isn’t a joke, this is a promise and a challenge,” he claimed. “…I would get on all fours butt *** naked and bark like a dog to see how they would play this.”

He went on to call the 19-hour chase a waste and to say that the developers make “the dumbest decisions” for the health of the game.

For those out of the loop, the Champion’s Quest contract allows players to collect various elements around Al-Mazrah in order to set off a nuke that ends the game and awards the winning team the rare Champion’s Domination victory.

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The contract can only be activated after winning five games in a row and the contract must be completed in a sixth game. Any loss that breaks up a squad’s win streak resets the counter back to zero and they must win five more consecutive games to get another shot.

While IW’s upcoming Season 2 changes have drawn a lot of early praise from the community, Futives is certainly not alone in believing the game is in need of some dire changes.