Warzone 2 players worried as Combat Record missing from Season 2 update blog

warzone 2 operators wearing ghillie suitsActivision

Warzone 2 players have grown increasingly concerned as the latest update notes for the delayed Season 2 didn’t mention the return of the Combat Record, with players still unable to access their stats or leaderboards.

Combat Records have been a staple of Call of Duty games for about as long as the game has been around, with players wanting to improve their stats and check how they compare against their friends.

This has been impossible in Warzone 2, however, as stats still haven’t been added to the game, despite coming to Modern Warfare 2 in Season 1.

Many believed, then, that the function would come with Season 2 — which has since been delayed from February 1 to February 15.

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However, when the deep dive blog into Season 2 came out, detailing some of the major changes and new things that would be coming to Warzone 2, players quickly picked up that there wasn’t any mention of the Combat Record at all.

“It’s so strange they didn’t address the leaderboards and Combat Records,” said waltmaniac in a Reddit post. “ It’s starting to feel like something is seriously wrong and all our stats are inevitably going to be wiped.”

In response, many claimed that the game felt “more pointless and uncompetitive” to them, or even that they or their friends had simply stopped playing as they couldn’t keep track of their stats.

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Others stated that they think the devs could be planning to leave out the Combat Record entirely, suggesting that they “don’t want the metrics out to discourage people who have >

While there was no mention of a Combat Record in the Season 2 blog post, that doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Instead, they may have wanted to focus more on key gameplay mechanics, but it remains to be seen exactly what happens.