Warzone 2 players want popular Caldera change brought to Al Mazrah & Ashika Island

Warzone 2 operators aiming down sights in front of DomeActivision

Warzone 2 players are calling for a significant change to come to the Call of Duty battle royale title, emulating a change made in Warzone Caldera when that was the main BR title.

Warzone didn’t have the smoothest transition between the original game and its sequel, bringing a number of big changes to the game that definitely turned some players away, albeit while enticing some others in.

While there are many things that original Warzone fans want to return, such as Redeploy Drones and revamped movement mechanics, there is one issue in particular that players have wanted to be addressed ever since the game launched: the TTK.

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For many, you die simply too quickly in Warzone 2, with very few chances to outplay your opponent or give you a better chance of swinging the tide in your favor.

One solution that many players are now calling for is an increase to the base health in Warzone 2, similar to what was done in Caldera, with merskrilla calling for “at least a test run” on Reddit.

This is a complaint that has been echoed fairly consistently since launch and, while it’s yet to be properly addressed by developers Infinity Ward or Raven Software, players now are still demanding the change be made.

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Of course, not everybody is in favor of such a change, with some of the comments in the above Reddit post suggesting that they didn’t like the change in Caldera and they’re not sure they want it on Al Mazrah or Ashika Island either.

“I hated the health increase,” said one player. “You’d dump all your rounds into one guy to down him and then get murdered by his teammate next because you’re out of ammo due to the health increase.”

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Whether the devs do decide to make a such a monumental change to the game remains to be seen, but the TTK has been a huge point of contention among players for months now.

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