Warzone 2 players roast “underwhelming” nuke Blueprint reward

Warzone 2 nuke dropInfinity Ward

Warzone 2 players are upset over the final reward for completing the extensive Champion’s Quest. They have gone online to voice their opinions about the Brass Tacks blueprint.

Questing in games like Warzone 2 is part of unlocking different skins, weapons, and many other rewards.

The process gives players a clear objective to work for and can encourage new gameplay styles while trying to achieve it. Difficulty levels are also scaled, with more challenging quests providing better rewards and easier quests with more common items.

Unfortunately, some rewards don’t match the effort required to complete them. This seems especially true of a quest in Warzone 2.

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Brass Trask Warzone 2Infinity Ward

Warzone 2 players upset over quest reward

One of the hardest challenges in Warzone 2 is the Champion’s Quest – which requires players to win five battle-royale missions in a row just to begin the main tasks. 

After winning the missions, players must go back into a match and find a contract that begins the Champion’s Quest. After successfully gathering all the materials needed for the nuke and setting it off, players can then collect their prize.

However, the prize that comes after all the hard work hasn’t been well received. Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss it, vocalizing frustration about the generic character skin and weapon blueprint.

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In response to the post, the top comment said: “I wonder if Raven is assuming that getting the nuke is easy.” Another called out the reuse of an older skin, “S*** skin for what you gotta do to get it. It’s just Ghost from 2019 without the mask.”

Because many Warzone 2 players agree that the reward isn’t worth the effort, it will hopefully encourage change for future challenges that could be added to the game. Currently, there hasn’t been any response from Infinity Ward or Raven Software regarding the unhappy response, but it is possible the developers may address it in the near future.

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