Warzone 2 players discover exploit to carry over and sell Plunder loot

buy station on al mazrah in warzone 2 desert area

The Warzone 2 community has discovered a new exploit that allows players to carry over loot from Plunder and sell it for cash.

Plunder was added to Warzone 2 on April 25, seeing the original Warzone game mode return at last. It challenges teams to gather as much cash as possible whilst fighting off other squads.

The addition of new content brings new bugs though with Season 3 alone breaking Ground War, trapping players in the Gulag, and even downing all players before they land.

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With the arrival of Plunder, a new bug has been discovered that risks potentially ruining Warzone 2’s economy.

Warzone 2 players sell Plunder loot for cash

As posted on Reddit, a Warzone 2 player has discovered an exploit that lets you transfer over Plunder loot and sell it in the battle royale modes.

The attached video shows the user accessing a Buy Station in Ashika Island’s Waterway with the ‘Sell Valuables’ option available. After selecting the option they are able to sell a Game Console and Classified Documents for $12,000.

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The post explains: “I had a few leftover sellable items from my last Plunder match still in my inventory even after a couple matches of Warzone.”

Ordinarily, the ‘Sell Valuables’ option does not appear in Warzone 2’s battle royale modes. It is exclusive to DMZ and Plunder, game modes that both revolve around making cash.

Members of the Warzone 2 community were not impressed with one user responding: “How the f**k does that work? What are these devs even doing?”

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Equally, another commenter was frustrated with the state of Warzone 2: “This game is such a disaster, and yet people are still buying skins.”

Infinity Ward has yet to address or add this bug to the official MW2 and Warzone 2 Trello board. As a result, it is currently not clear if or when the bug will be fixed.

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