Warzone 2 players demand DMZ Solos as Tarkov-like mode lauded

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Warzone 2 players are loving Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode so much that they’re demanding a solo version to be developed and added by Infinity Ward.

Modern Warfare 2 is arguably the most ambitious CoD title yet, as the franchise’s iconic multiplayer is backed up by Warzone 2 and the brand-new DMZ mode.

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DMZ marks a significant change for Call of Duty, invoking a gameplay style inspired by the tough, unforgiving nature of Escape From Tarkov.

Though DMZ might be challenging, the sweaty nature of its gameplay has urged Modern Warfare players to request a solo version from the devs.

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Modern Warfare 2 players call on devs for DMZ solo mode

DMZ mode launched with the emergence of Season One on November 16 and players on the game’s subreddit are ready for more additions in the future.

Redditor Swaste2000 initiated the conversation about DMZ’s solo mode potential, prompting like-minded players to pitch in their tweaks. Notably, fellow DMZ player dlworkman45 said, “I play solo a lot just to complete challenges and such. Definitely at a huge disadvantage when doing this but it’s challenging and fun.”

They added: “Have to use some tactics here to survive. Occasionally will run into a 1 vs 3 scenario but the AI is relentless. Self-revives are a must. I’m would like to see an option to play solo like Warzone.”

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Many players believe that adding a solo variant of DMZ will negate some of its matchmaking issues. Redditor 1664GlobeAndLaurel explained they “agree the game mode is not sustainable for solo, and random squads are awful nobody had the same mission.”

“One of my favorite things in this game so far is going into DMZ solo and sneaking around other squads. The thrill of trying not to get caught is an adrenaline rush. That being said, I would love a solo DMZ mode,” said MaxKirgan.

Currently, DMZ mode only supports Trio-based gameplay, without the option for Quads or even Duos.

Season One of Modern Warfare 2 is due to conclude in February 2023, so until then, be sure to keep updated on the latest additions and changes.

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