Warzone 2 players complain that monetization is turning it into a mobile game

roze and thorn operator skin that gives free uav in dmz

Warzone 2 players have compared the battle royale game to a mobile title in response to the monetization model implemented by Activision.

Warzone 2 is a free-to-play game meaning anyone can play it without having to purchase anything. To make a profit Activision utilizes a range of monetization schemes not dependent on game sales.

The two main items sold to generate income are the seasonal Battle Pass and the various cosmetic bundles. These bundles typically cost around 2,400 COD points, the equivalent of $20 USD.

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However, some members of the Warzone 2 community have become troubled by changes that have seen newer bundles labeled pay to win.

Warzone 2’s monetization draws mobile game comparison

A Reddit post on the Warzone subreddit has criticized Activision claiming that some of the newer bundles are slowly turning Warzone 2 into a mobile game.

The post highlights the new Roze and Thorn bundle that players can purchase for 1,800 COD Points. Amongst other items, the bundle features an operator skin for Roze that grants players a free UAV at the start of every DMZ game when equipped.

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The release of the Roze and Thorn bundle has upset players with one response reading: “I’m playing Fortnite now. I’m playing f**king Fortnite, the game I refused to play even over WZ2. CoD won’t get another minute of playtime out of me. I don’t even play DMZ, but this is too far.”

Another disappointed fan replied: “First and last COD for me, game itself is irrelevant for devs, money is already made and sweet more cash milking with the skins. You can grind all day for stuff you have to get again in the next COD, just completely insane.”

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Some fans were more defensive of the practices: “Convinced this thread only consists of grown men who complain about a video game they aren’t forced to play at this point.”

The bundles that impact DMZ were not the only new monetization scheme added in Season 3. Activision also introduced BlackCell, a premium Battle Pass costing $29.99 USD that offers players additional COD Points, tier skips, unique skins, and other cosmetics.

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