Warzone 2 players can’t believe crucial connectivity feature is still missing


Warzone fans are puzzled by the lack of a crucial feature that would allow players to rejoin games if they’re disconnected.

It can be argued that nothing is more frustrating than being disconnected while in the middle of a game, and when it comes to Warzone 2, even bugs can cause players to be disconnected from the game.

Players have also had to put up with incredibly frustrating lag and server issues, which have persisted throughout the game’s lifespan.

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Nevertheless, the community is now baffled by how the devs have added no solution to disconnection issues.

Warzone 2 players baffled by lack of crucial feature

In a March 25 Reddit thread, Warzone fan ‘ThatHartleyKid’ noted how a crucial feature is missing from the game.

The player noted how most games have the option that allows users to re-connect in the event they’re disconnected from the servers.

“A match can last up to 25-40 minutes, and if you got disconnected once during that time, no matter if the fault comes from the server or your side? Everything you’ve played up until your point will be in vain, especially DMZ mode,” they wrote. “This is how I lost my 17 exfil streak along with my perks.

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“Every other game which lasts that long all have the option allowing users to re-connect. Why doesn’t Warzone / DMZ have it?”

Others agreed that a reconnect feature would come in handy, but many aren’t hopeful that the devs will get around to implementing it.

“I’m wondering why people are still asking such questions. This is Warzone, guys. If you think anything should be working or something should be implemented, then just remember the game you’re playing in,” one wrote.

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“It’s coming in the ‘reconnect’ bundle. $20 for five reconnects,” a player joked. “Remember the old Activision adage; if it don’t monetize, don’t fix it,” said another.

A reconnect option would certainly prove to be useful. However, as many noted, it could cause more issues than its worth. We’ll just have to wait and see whether or not the devs take the suggestion on board.

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