Warzone 2 players call “bullsh*t” as Combat Record set to wipe old stats

warzone 2 combat recordActivision

Call of Duty players will see their Warzone wins and statistics completely wipe when Warzone 2 Combat Record releases in December.

The news was shared by Activision on December 9, stating the long-awaited Combat Record feature will be rolling out just under a week later on December 14.

For those who are not aware, Combat Record allows gamers to track their progress in-game, including wins, K/D, and how they rank on various leaderboards.

In a blog post, developers said: “Warzone 2 Combat Records will come online with Season 1 Reloaded. The statistics present in the Warzone 2 Combat Record will only be from the activation date forward, and will not include statistics from Warzone 1 launch through Season 1 Reloaded.”

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Warzone 2 Combat Record will not include Warzone 1 statistics

The decision has attracted a significant amount of criticism since it was announced. ModernWarzone was one of the first to take issue with it – and thousands have followed suit since.

“None of your Warzone stats you’ve accomplished so far will count once combat records are added on December 14,” the Twitter user said.

“Some actual bullsh*t for those out their grinding wins for leaderboards all this time. Some people already have as many as 400 that won’t count.”

There appears to be a consensus in the Warzone 2 community, too, with a Reddit post also sharing similar negative feelings about the change.

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One said: “Wow. Wins and stats not counting??? There are folks with hundreds of wins.”

Another player replied: “Even playing field! I’ve got 0 wins. This sucks though, no reason they couldn’t have tracked it all along.”

A third said: “This would’ve been completely fine if they had been clear from the beginning. But they weren’t, so it’s a big slap in the face for the people who’ve been grinding.”

Whether or not the developers will reconsider the move remains to be seen, but their players are showing no signs of slowing down with feedback.

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