Warzone 2 players blast devs over “woeful” Crossbow power

cod mw2 and wz2 operator holding a crossbowActivision

Season 2 marked the return of everyone’s favorite crossbow weapon in Warzone 2, but a considerable downgrade disappointed fans.

After three weeks of waiting, players can finally complete Warzone 2’s Path Of The Ronin event and unlock the crossbow. Completing every challenge can be a little confusing, so make sure to check out our helpful guide.

In Warzone 1, the crossbow initially one-hit kill enemies. Raven Software realized that was bit overpowered and changed it instead to one-hit downed enemies. Warzone 2 took the nerf a step further, forcing players to land two crossbow hits before downing an enemy.

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Players can still one-shot down enemies with a headshot, but that’s no easy task with how harshly arrow shots drop off over range. WZ2 players demand a reversion to how crossbows functioned in the original game.

Warzone 2 players dissaprove of new crossbow

cod mw2 and warzone 2 operator wielding a crossbowActivision
cod mw2 and warzone 2 operator wielding a crossbow

A frustrated WZ2 player asked on Reddit, “why doesn’t the crossbow one shot?

One community member responded, “devs don’t want one shots in the game, it’s that simple.”

Snipers also no longer one-shot kill enemies in Warzone 2, as they did in WZ1. The Season 2 update unintentionally allowed snipers to one-shot again, but Raven Software quickly nipped that in the bud a week later.

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Players slammed the decision to nerf snipers, and expressed a similar sentiment in light of the crossbow nerf.

“It’s just weird to add a weapon with a three-second reload and it needing two shots to down in most instances.”

The new KV Broadside shotgun kills in under 300ms with fire-breath ammunition. It will be tough for the crossbow to find a place in the battle royale’s meta with poor mobility, reload speed, and damage.

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Some WZ2 players don’t believe hitting a headshot is realistic with the crossbow for most engagements.

“only if you hit them in the head, something that’s almost impossible considering the slow bolt velocity and massive drop-off in trajectory, especially over any distance.”

For now, it doesn’t appear the crossbow will be chosen by many players in its current state.

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