Warzone 2 players blast devs for “ignoring” their own promise to respond to feedback

Warzone 2 operator holding a knifeActivision

Warzone 2 players have put developers Infinity Ward on blast online as tensions heat up among players, accusing them of “ignoring” a prior promise to listen to feedback and act accordingly.

In the eyes of many players, Warzone and Call of Duty in general aren’t in the best state right now. This has been amplified by the hype around Counter-Strike 2 and Fortnite Creative 2.0, with CoD fans disappointed at how the franchise is failing to keep up with competitors when it comes to hype and excitement.

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While the Call of Duty League celebrated record viewership recently and ranked play is booming in Modern Warfare 2, much of the casual playerbase has had frequent complaints, leading to a player count that dropped “much faster than expected” in Warzone 2.

Now, they’re calling out Infinity Ward for what they believe to be a failure to honor a promise Activision made over a year ago, saying that “feedback is a critical part of the development process.”

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One Warzone player, TheRealPdGaming, posted the statement from Activision to Reddit, asking “Did Infinity Ward just completely ignore this message when developing WZ2?”

The post has already received hundreds of upvotes and comments in agreement, questioning why basic features that were in Warzone 1 are no longer in the current title.

“The player base is dwindling and the biggest reason is because they can’t fix the warzone TTK on this engine without f**king up multiplayer,” one commenter said.

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Others simply stated that “this game is not fun anymore.”

Whether Activision or the Call of Duty development teams address the backlash they’ve faced in recent months with a statement as candidly as they did before remains to be seen, but it’s no secret that players are getting seriously frustrated.

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