Warzone 2 players beg devs to bring back fan-favorite mode from Warzone 1

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Warzone 2 players are demanding that the Plunder mode from the original game makes a comeback in Warzone 2.

The original Warzone Plunder mode swiftly rose to become a fan-favorite amongst players, with many using it to level up guns quickly. Players would respawn constantly, complete contracts for large sums of money, and prizes would be sprinkled everywhere on the map.

This made it the perfect place to farm XP, especially for those that did not buy Modern Warfare. So, fans were understandably angry when the developers removed Plunder from Warzone during Season 4 Reloaded.

While Warzone 2 launched with the DMZ alternative mode, for many, the extraction-based gameplay does not hit the same high notes as Plunder. Because of this, WZ2 fans have been asking the devs to bring Plunder to Al Mazrah.

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Warzone 2 players desperate for Plunder’s return

Almost every single Twitter post from any of the aforementioned studios or teams is met with memes, jokes, or just straight-up pleas that circle around [lunder.

“Nobody cares. Let us know when you bring Plunder to warzone 2,” is one example of the type of comment that Infinity Ward has to put up with.

“I want it. Need a casual mode for f**ing around,” comments a user under a Reddit thread where Warzone 2 players are asking for the mode’s return.

This comment highlights a serious problem with the current Warzone 2. DMZ and battle royale are not exactly “casual” modes where you can try out loadouts or tactics that might not be viable. In fact, DMZ heavily restricts your gear if you die often, and in BR you need to buy or acquire your loadouts.

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Some players feel left on ice without the “sandbox” type experience that Plunder and some other game modes from previous Warzone brought to the table.

Players waiting for Plunder in Warzone 2 should keep their chin up, there already is some speculation that Plunder might return based on some bugged icons.