Warzone 2 players are over the moon with FOV slider change

warzone 2 speedboatActivision

Warzone 2 adds a long-awaited FOV slider to the battle royale, leaving console players rejoiced as their prayers were finally answered.

A FOV slider allows players to adjust their field of view to be more zoomed in or out. A wider FOV allows players to see enemies they have missed otherwise. Only PC players had access to the feature in the original Warzone, driving console players crazy.

Warzone players blasted Activision for not adding the feature to consoles, and the developers responded, “FOV slider benefits highly skilled players mainly.” At some point, the developers had a change of heart because console players finally can change their field of view in Warzone 2.

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In the Season 1 patch notes, Activision announced that console players could adjust their field of view to 120 degrees.

FOV SliderActivision
A higher FOV presents far more information than a lower FOV.

Warzone 2 players finally get a FOV slider on console

A Reddit user shared an image of themselves turning the FOV slider all the way up to 120 on console.

In the original Warzone, console players had their field of view locked to 80.

One player responded, “Well, looks like our prayers have been answered.”

A second user added, “I guarantee most players are gonna max out the FOV without realizing that it has downsides.”

Increasing the FOV value to 120 does have its downsides.

Having a field of view maxed out allows you to see more of your surrounding environment, but being too zoomed out may make important details harder to see. Finding the right balance is essential.

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