Warzone 2 player count plummets despite Ranked being added

Warzone 2 character pointing gun while also holding knifeActivision

The player count for Warzone 2 has dropped off a cliff a fair bit in recent weeks, showing that the addition of Ranked Play hasn’t quite addressed things. 

When Warzone 2 was first revealed as a part of Modern Warfare 2, plenty of Call of Duty players were full of hype for the new battle royale title – even if there was a bit of skepticism about some of the changes. 

Upon launching, the battle royale quickly flew to the top of the charts alongside MW2. However, over the last few months, things have fallen off a bit. Players have complained about the overall state of the game – even though cheating isn’t as prevalent as in the original Warzone – and demanded a fair few changes from the devs. 

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One of the big requests centered around Ranked Play. As a part of Season 3, that was finally introduced, and it has brought some big-name players back to the game. However, as a whole, the player count has dropped significantly. 

Warzone 2 player count plummets amid WSOW qualifiers

As per new stats from SteamCharts, over the last month, Warzone 2 has seen a drop off of over 15,500 players on Steam and now averages around 65,000 players. That’s even ticked down to 60,000 recently too. 

The peak of the last 30 days has been just a tick over 104,000 players, which is a drastic difference compared to the previous months. When the game first launched, it had a peak of over 488,000, before dropping off to 308,000. 

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It also dropped off in the new year but maintained a peak of 150,000 players until April, when it finally dipped under that number. In terms of average players, Warzone 2 has also dropped from around 100,000 to the aforementioned 65,000. 

Screenshot of player count for Warzone 2 on SteamSteam Charts
The player count for Warzone 2 on Steam has dropped off a lot.

Obviously, these figures only account for Steam and not every other platform, but they are typically indicative of the bigger picture given Steam’s grip on PC gaming. 

It’s also interesting to note that a lot of these players are turning their back on Warzone 2 despite the World Series of Warzone Qualifiers also taking place. Seems they haven’t got eyes for the $1.2 million prize pot.

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