Warzone 2 player count allegedly dropped faster “than expected” as frustrations mount

warzone 2 player uninstallActivision

It is reported that Warzone 2’s player count has dropped at an even faster rate than expected since it launched in November 2022, a concern for devs and Activision as players’ frustrations with the game continue to grow.

Warzone 2 arrived in mid-November with some massive changes from the original Warzone title that took over the world. The popular movement system had been slowed down, some of the quality-of-life changes introduced over the years had been removed, and the looting system was a big shock to the system for many.

Since then, updates have been few and far between: the meta has remained the same, and a number of annoying bugs have persisted without fixes.

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This has resulted in a drop-off in players too, apparently. While Steam charts have shown a fairly significant dip, this may extend further to all platforms too, and it’s happening faster than expected according to CharlieIntel.

“We’ve heard from multiple people that Warzone 2’s player count dropped over the break at a higher rate than expected,” they said. “Unclear what it all means for what will change at this point.”

Season 2 of Warzone 2 is due to start on February 1, but up to this point, there has not been much speculation over what kind of changes the devs might want to make to the game to improve both gameplay and player retention.

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Many creators have said that Warzone 2 is just one or two updates away from being a very good game, including the likes of Dr Disrespect, so we may see some big changes implemented for the next season to help appease those who loved Warzone 1.