Warzone 2 lobby sizes revealed: CoD BR sequel bumps player count back to original figure

Warzone 2 gameplayActivision

While there’s been plenty of speculation, we now know for certain how big Warzone 2 lobbies will be once the Battle Royale sequel arrives on November 16.

The exact number of players dropping into a match has always been a point of contention in Warzone. Whether it’s big maps or small, standard playlists or limited-time modes, the specifics are often changing, forcing players to adapt in each game type.

Although Warzone originally launched with support for 150 players in each lobby, that soon changed as the seasons rolled on. In certain cases, we saw a decrease, while other instances occasionally dipped above the 150 count during the Caldera era.

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So with Al Mazrah now coming into focus in Warzone 2, many have been questioning just what to expect when dropping back in. Fortunately, we now have a concrete answer on the exact lobby size in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 gameplayActivision
Warzone 2’s player count will be familiar to veterans of the CoD BR.

Warzone 2 lobby size confirmed

As revealed during an early creator event on November 9, we know Warzone 2 has officially locked in a 150-player lobby size. This seemingly applies to all standard Battle Royale modes upon release.

This positions Warzone 2 in familiar territory, pivoting back to the original player count that led Warzone to such immense popularity during its early years.

Obviously, plans can always change and 150 might not stick in the long term. Once we get our hands on with Al Mazrah, we might find the map too big and need more players, or vice versa. Rest assured, developers will be listening to that feedback and reacting accordingly.

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It’s still very early days yet with the BR sequel so it’s safe to expect more fine-tuning over the coming months. We’ll be sure to keep you updated right here with all the latest changes to Warzone 2’s lobby size as we go.