Warzone 2 leaks hint at armor & loot system taken straight from Apex Legends

call of duty warzone 2 armor vests thumbnailActivision

A new Call of Duty Warzone 2 leak claims that changes to the armor and loot system will be introduced into the game, which seems very similar to battle royales such as Apex Legends.

With so many battle royales on the market vying for attention, Call of Duty Warzone 2 could manage to set itself apart as the first true battle royale sequel.

Warzone 2’s sequel status gives it a unique advantage among other battle royale titles as it gives the developers a chance to overhaul tried and true systems while keeping the same framework intact.

Now, thanks to some potential new information, it seems that Warzone 2 could be incorporating a new armor and loot system that takes some inspiration from battle royales like Apex Legends.

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cod blackout battle royaleTreyarch
Blackout was the first attempt at a battle royale in the CoD franchise.

Warzone 2 introduces new armor and loot system

The leak goes into detail about a variety of different topics surrounding new features being added to Warzone 2.

One of those topics is the return of armor vests as loot, which will function similarly to how they did in Call of Duty Blackout.

In Blackout, players could find different tiered armor vests around the map that would provide stronger protection the higher the tier.

However, the leak clarifies that this new armor system seems to be a hybrid of Warzone’s armor plate system and Blackout’s tiered plates. Players will need to find tiered armor vests before they can equip armor plates this time around.

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According to the leak, players will be able to equip more armor plates with the higher tier armor but will have to replenish armor plates once they break, similarly to Warzone.

escape from tarkov inventory screenBattlestate Games
The new bag system will apparently be free-flowing like Escape from Tarkov, but more condensed.

Warzone 2 introduces new bag system

Next, the leak discusses the new bag system that will allegedly be introduced in Warzone 2.

It seems this bag system will function like other battle royale inventory systems, but is particularly reminiscent to Escape from Tarkov in a few key ways.

Like Tarkov, it seems players will be able to items like ammo, weapons, and killstreaks to their bag provided they have the space.

Bag tiers can be upgraded to provide players with more inventory, as different items will take up different amounts of space.

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For example, a killstreak may take up a 2 by 2 space on the grid, while a sniper rifle may take up a 2 by 4 space.

While it remains to be seen if these leaks are accurate they could really shake up Warzone 2’s battle royale formula in some pretty interesting ways if they prove to be true.