Warzone 2 guru slams “mind blowing” DMZ underwater bug

An operator using the rebreather field upgrade in Warzone 2 DMZ.Activision

Season 3 introduced a whole host of new missions to DMZ, but a game-breaking bug made one of the challenges a struggle.

Infinity Ward added new equipment items to DMZ in Season 3. Secure backpacks stash items in between runs. Even if a player is eliminated in an excitation zone, items are kept to that active-duty soldier. Scavanger backpacks replace the third weapon slot with additional item slots, which could come in handy for completing missions.

The developers also added three new types of armored vests, each offering unique perks. For example, the plate comms vest increases the duration of UAV technology and gives players an audio cue when enemies are close.

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Rounding out a fresh injection of content, the rebreather equipment item makes it possible for players to reach uncharted territory in DMZ. Unfortunately, a bug holds the item back from reaching its full potential.

StoneMountain64 exposes DMZ rebreather bug

New to Season 3, the rebreather field upgrade allows operators to breathe underwater for longer periods of time. The item acts like a stim pistol and has multiple uses before it expires, and can also be used as a melee weapon.

Dark Water, a Tier 2 mission in Season 3, requires players to find a rebreather, locate a key in a sunken ship, and then extract a laptop from the warehouse.

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The new missions initially excited Warzone guru StoneMountain64, but his joy soon devolved into frustration.

After completing two missions, the YouTuber attempted to complete Dark Water. He found three rebreathers, but it wasn’t enough to stay alive.

As StoneMountain tried to find the key in the sunken ship, the rebreather didn’t activate correctly, leading to his demise. He didn’t respond well to the glitch.

“This game is so crap. It is actually mind-blowing.”

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He rewatched the clip, and despite having one charge remaining, the rebreather didn’t do anything when he activated it.

“This is the most frustrating stuff for me to die from. This is just bugs.”

Hopefully, the bug doesn’t impact everyone trying to complete the DMZ mission.

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