Warzone 2 guru reveals secret for best long-range loadouts

Warzone 2 character pointing SMG at another playerActivision

Most meta AR Warzone 2 loadouts look pretty similar, using the same universal attachments and tuning. WhosImmortal dove into the statistics and discovered there is a better way to manage recoil control for ARs.

Warzone 2 heavily emphasizes recoil control, magazine size, and damage range. LMGs such as the Sakin MG38, RAAL MG, and the RPK have dominated because you can mow down multiple enemies simultaneously with little to no recoil kick.

ARs can still compete, but you need an ultra-precise and powerful weapon to justify choosing it over an LMG. The TAQ-56, Kastov 762, and M4 are the only three ARs with a chance of outclassing LMGs in medium to long-range engagements, but only if customized correctly.

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Using numbers provided by sym.gg WhosImmortal cleared up a few misconceptions about crafting the perfect AR loadout.

WhosImmortal explains common loadout building mistake

cod operator running with the iso hemlock assault rifle in warzone 2and modern warfare 2Activision
The ISO Hemlock emerged as a meta weapon after its introduction.

WhosImmortal broke down recoil control numbers and revealed the best attachments to use on an AR for long-range engagements.

Most commonly used muzzles give ARs better control, bullet velocity, and damage range while sacrificing aim-down sight speed. The same applies to underbarrels, as players choose ones that improve recoil control in favor of ADS speed. The attachments have different names for each weapon but accomplish the same goal.

WhosImmortal drew attention to another universal attachment that doesn’t get enough attention. Each AR has a rear grip attachment that improves recoil control without any cons. For example, the Demo-X2 Grip on the Kastov 762.

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“If you wanted to optimize your setup the most here, you can drop an underbarrel for a rear grip which is really impressive.”

The Demo-X2 Grip on the Katov 762 improves gun kick by 7% with no cons, while an underbarrel improves recoil control by 4% with cons.

“The main takeaway I want to give you guys here is if you are trying to focus on mid to long-range on any gun, the rear grip category is by far the most efficient you can use in terms of recoil control with no added cons.”

Consider WhosImmortal’s advice the next time you build a long-range oriented loadout in Warzone 2.

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