Warzone 2 guru reveals off-meta SMG that’s perfect all-around weapon

Fss Hurricane in Warzone 2 on top of Ashika IslandActivision

If you’re looking for a new SMG to run in Warzone 2, you may want to consider an underrated choice that is a jack of all trades and can really do it all – the FSS Hurricane.

The meta in Warzone 2 has routinely been in flux over the last few months, especially as rounds of weapon balancing have been dished out to combat a few overpowered guns. 

With the Season 2 and Season 2 Reloaded updates, the meta has been shaken up yet again. The ISO Hemlock and Lachmann Sub have taken over the show, with SMGs back on the rise as a result of the changes. 

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As SMGs have been back on the rise, players have been experimenting with different ones to try and break out of the meta chokehold. So, if you’re looking to do the same, you may want to consider something like the FSS Hurricane. 

Best FSS Hurricane build for Warzone 2

The SMG, which was dominant in the early weeks of Modern Warfare 2, was highlighted by YouTuber Metaphor as a pretty perfect jack-of-all-trades weapon.

While it may lack a bit in TTK compared to some of its rivals, it has two advantages – its magazine size and snazzy iron sights. The SMG has a stock 50-round magazine, so it frees up an attachment slot for something else. Similarly, the iron sights are solid enough that you don’t need a different sight. 

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That allows the YouTuber to run the powerful Overpressured rounds, FSS-X7 Barrel to combat recoil, and FTAC Grimline Laser for more control. 

  • Barrel: FSS-X7 Barrel
  • Laser: FTAC Grimline Laser
  • Stock: Demon Quicksilver stock
  • Ammunition: 5.7x28mm Overpressured
  • Rear Grip: XTEN Grip

As per WZRanked stats, the Hurricane is still pretty off-meta and ranks 27th most popular gun. Though, its popularity has seen an uptick recently. 

It remains to be seen if it will take over the SMG meta at any point, but that is a tough nut to crack at the minute.

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