Warzone 2 guru reveals lethal LMG that’s “deadlier” than RPK

Some Warzone 2 players still believe the RPK reigns supreme, but YouTuber IceManIssaac revealed an LMG even “deadlier.”

The RPK finally received a nerf as part of the Season 2 update, yet it’s still the second most popular weapon, according to WZRanked. The devastating LMG received a reduction in ADS speed and mid to long-range damage output. TrueGameData dove into the stats and claimed that a few weapons could actually be better than the RPK post-update.

Players gravitated toward the Kastov 762 and TAQ-56 as potential replacements, while an underrated LMG continues to fly under the radar.

IceManIsaac explained why players should start building Sakin MG38 loadouts and how it surpasses the weakened RPK.

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IceManIsaac reveals zero recoil and max damage Sakin MG38 loadout

Sakin MG38 LMG Warzone 2Activison
The Sakin MG38 is a laser beam at long range.

“I know the RPK hardly got touched in the Warzone Season 2 nerfs. There is a gun that shoots faster, has better bullet velocity, more damage per mag, faster TTK, and this is what I’m using when I have to turn up.”

Using stats collected by JGOD, Isaac compared the Sakin and RPK after the Season 2 update. The Sakin MG38 boats a rapid 736-millisecond TTK speed compared to the RPK’s 800. As for damage per mag, the Sakin dishes out 3000, while the RPK does 2295.

IceManIsaac showed off the Sakin MG38’s power in his latest YouTube video.

IceManIsaac showed off the LMG’s recoil in the firing range, and it barely moved while unloading an entire magazine into one spot. “This is one of the easiest guns I have ever used.”

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The YouTuber admitted that the Sakin has a slower recoil speed but claimed it doesn’t have too many faults besides that.

Sakin MG38 Warzone 2 Season 2 loadout

Here is IceManIsaacs Sakin MG38 loadout with weapon tuning included.

  • Barrel: 20″ Bruen Silver Series Barrel (+0.35 weight, -0.04 length)
  • Underbarrel: Cronen WL55 (+0.80 weight, +0.19 length)
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser (+0.23 weight, -9.87 zeroing distance)
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity (-0.47 weight, -2.61 load)
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4 (-0.29 weight, -1.65 eye position)

Try this loadout if you want an RPK replacement in Season 2.