Warzone 2 guru outlines key attachment change every meta loadout needs


Warzone 2 guru WhosImmortal has highlighted some slight changes players may want to make to their meta loadouts, especially when it comes to the popular Kastov 762.

Even though Call of Duty fans have more customization options than ever in Warzone 2, a number of meta loadouts have come to the surface. 

These loadouts are the ones that the community sees as the best chance of getting a win in Al Mazrah, and if you’re not using them, you’re usually behind the eight ball. Though, there are plenty of players who go about things differently – using builds that present more of a challenge or could be next in line to take over the meta.

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In the case of WhosImmortal, the YouTuber has been at the forefront of trying to find the next big thing, and believes that players are setting guns up wrong. That includes that uber-popular Kastov 762 as well.

Warzone 2 guru explains how meta loadouts are wrong

The Warzone 2 guru highlighted the findings in his February 7 video, noting that the current Kastov builds are wrong and should be tweaked. 

Using the data from Sym.GG, WhosImmortal noted that dropping the barrel or underbarrel attachment for higher velocity ammunition could be the way forward. In the case of the Kastov, he was able to create builds that boost the velocity to around 997m/s, while retaining a solid ADS time and controllable recoil. 

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“This style of build can be applied to basically all other long-range guns,” he said. “Dropping out a suppressor in exchange for a compensator, focusing on high-velocity ammo, and then adjusting between the barrels and underbarrels on any given gun as needed, that’s a set-up that can be copied and pasted.”

As per WZRanked, there aren’t many classes using high-velocity bullets with the Kastov, so thats something we could see change quickly. 

It remains to be seen if it’ll spread to other weapons, but for now, change up your Kastov loadouts or you’ll get left behind.

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