Warzone 2 grinder reveals ‘overlooked’ SMG to take over Ashika Island

Warzone 2's BAS-P is an underrated gem with the right attachments.Activision

A Warzone 2 master has revealed his ‘overlooked’ BAS-P loadout and it’s the perfect Ashika Island SMG.

TheKoreanSavage is a Warzone 2 demon and has made some unreal plays on Ashika Island since it was released with Season 2.

He’s as knowledgeable about what guns are useful as anyone in the world, and his underrated SMG loadout might as well be shooting an actual laser beam like the Cyclopean Erad from Infinite Warfare.

While there are a number of great submachine guns to pick from, this one is worth a try for anyone that’s growing tired of the same few guns being at the top.

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Warzone 2 expert’s SMG loadout rips on Ashika Island

The gun in question is the BAS-P, which comes with the 9x19mm Subsonic Ammo that hides tracers and enemy skull markers on death.

It has been in the shadow of the other SMGs so far, but a few variations of it are starting to catch on around the community.

Here is K3’s loadout that helped him drop back-to-back 20+ kill games on Ashika Island:

  • Barrel: 12″ Bruen SZ-36
  • Muzzle: XTEN RR-40
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Tiger Grip
  • Magazine: 50-Round Drum
  • Optic: Slimline Pro

As he proved in the gameplay embedded above, this thing can do some real damage even at medium range, and the 50-Round Drum means that players can take those down-range shots without worrying about having to reload and recentering on their target.

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Even with the added range, this is still the type of gun that’s best paired with a high-damage Assault Rifle, and while he uses a Lachmann 556 in his setup, any of the game’s best ARs will complement it nicely.

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