Warzone 2 glitch lets players use Jailer’s minigun in Gulag


A Warzone 2 player stumbled across a way to steal the jailer’s minigun and respawn with the devastating weapon.

Warzone 2 introduced a new Gulag system, changing the format from 1v1 to 2v2. Players voiced concern when they got their first glimpse of the new Gulag during Call of Duty Next, and the final product failed to sway public opinion.

Some community members have complained about cooperating with random players, but it does come with its benefits. If all four players coordinate their efforts, they can eliminate the AI jailer, and all respawn.

A WZ2 player discovered an added perk by stealing the jailer’s minigun and wreaking havoc with it on Al Mazrah.

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Warzone 2 Gulag gameplayActivision
Warzone 2 completely redesigned the Gulag.

Warzone 2 glitch gives players a minigun

A Warzone 2 player claimed on Reddit, “my friend picked up a dead jailer’s minigun.”

In the video clip, a player presumably picked up a jailer’s minigun off of a dead jailer from a previous Gulag match. The user continued to annihilate their opponents with the weapon and then respawned with it.

Warzone veterans will be familiar with the minigun from the original battle royale experience. WZ1 Season 4 introduced a Black Market Run contract that awarded players a Nebula V Minigun. The gun shredded through opponents and resulted in several easy wins.

Some community members want a way to earn the minigun once again in WZ2.

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One player responded, “If they were keeping the 2v2, this would actually be a good incentive to beat the jailer.”

A second user proposed an idea that instead of 2v2, the Gulag should feature four players in a free for all with the jailer coming halfway through the round.

The minigun is a fan-favorite weapon, as a third commenter said, “this is epic.”

Warzone 2 Season 2 reverts the Gulag to a 1v1 format, and a domination-style flag control point replaces the jailer. The battle royale’s second season begins on February 15, so this glitch will inevitably be out of the game soon.

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