Warzone 2 expert unveils secondary with faster TTK than Fennec

Basilisk Warzone 2 secondaryActivison

Warzone 2 guru JGOD has broken down the stats for a “cheese” secondary that has a faster TTK than the Fennec at close quarters.

When it comes to picking a primary weapon in Warzone 2’s current meta, a number of guns stand out from the crowd as top-tier.

These are the RPK, Fennec 45, M4, and TAQ-56 just to name a few, but when it comes to secondaries, a lot of players are left confused.

While running Weapon Specialist gives you access to Overkill and a second primary, sometimes your loadout is more well-rounded with a different perk package.

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Luckily, JGOD has presented a secondary Handgun that “deletes” enemies quicker than the Fennec at close range, and it’s definitely worth using on Al Mazrah.

Basilisk Warzone 2 secondaryActivison
The Basilisk is lethal at close quarters, making it the perfect secondary.

Best Basilisk Warzone 2 loadout


  • Barrel: 10.5″ FTAC Arrow
  • Trigger Action: Bryson Match Grade
  • Ammunition: .500 Snake Shot
  • Loader: S40 Rapid Loader
  • Rear Grip: Bryson WD-85 Grip

After seeing teeshtv and ShadedStep talking about the Basilisk as a top-tier secondary, JGOD decided to check out the weapon and break down the stats.

According to the expert, the Basilisk can two-shot kill at the first damage range, making it extremely potent in enclosed spaces or if you’re rushing a building.

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Not only that, the Basilisk actually “deletes over 100ms faster than the Fennec”, which is impressive considering the SMG has one of the strongest TTKs in the game.

The build above effectively transforms the handgun into a mini-shotgun thanks to the .500 Snake Shot which allows the weapon to shoot eight pellets at a time.

While the damage of the Basilisk falls off significantly if you’re not up close, it’s ideal for finishing off opponents during intense skirmishes.

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For JGOD, it’s a “cheese” secondary that has its place in an aggressive loadout, especially for those who aren’t afraid of putting pressure on their opponents.

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