Warzone 2 expert slams devs for removing solo playlist

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Infinity Ward removed Al Mazrah solos at the launch of Season 3, infuriating Warzone 2 expert Metaphor.

Warzone 2 added Ashika Island as a new map in Season 2. The environment was originally slated to offer all squads sizes but only included quads on launch day. Players called out the developers for “lying.” Infinity Ward listened to community feedback and added solos, but it came with a catch.

Ashika Island solos were initially part of a playlist rotation, which cut down its inclusion to limited intervals. The developers scrapped a rotating playlist on Ashika Island but still use the controversial system for Al Mazrah.

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Metaphor demands solo playlist be added back to Warzone 2

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Season 3 brings a number of changes to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Every Wednesday, Infinity Ward updates the weekly playlist for the battle royale sequel, removing and adding different squad sizes. Warzone 2 Season 3 started on April 12, and the update removed solos from Al Mazrah.

Metaphor vented his frustrations on Twitter: “Day 93716 of no solos, forced to play duos.”

Infinity Ward introduced a new reporting system to MW2 and WZ2, so players can take matters into their own hands when dealing with hackers and toxic users. Unfortunately, the system has resulted in players falsely being accused of cheating.

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Metaphor claims he is a victim of mass reporting, preventing him from using proximity chat to communicate with his teammates.

“Can’t communicate with my random teammates due to reports on my account from frankthetank88 auto muting profile and removing prox chat.”

Fans in the comment section asked Metaphor why he doesn’t just play Ashika Island solos instead, to which he responded: “That would, unfortunately, mean that I’m playing Ashika Island.”

Metaphor added that he likes the game “a lot,” but as someone who primarily plays solo, it’s long overdue to add solos back.

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