Warzone 2 expert shows how to use a vantage point properly and win a 1v4

Warzone 2 player on Ashika Island holding gunActivision

The LA Guerillas revealed an easy way to take on enemy squads in Warzone 2, utilizing the gas and vantage points to your advantage.

Warzone 2 introduced a new map in the Season 2 update, Ashika Island. The Japanese-inspired archipelago plays much differently than Al Mazrah, as the new Resurgence map is drastically smaller. In the early stages of matches, Ashika feels more like multiplayer than a battle royale, as players respawn, and the circle takes longer to close in.

However, as a match’s intensity ramps up and the gas close in, players need more than just pure gun skill to win matches. This especially rings true in Al Mazrah, as the wide-open desert landscape makes positioning essential for a final circle. The unforgiving time-to-kill speed makes any engagement a nightmare if you are caught out in the open with no plan.

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Fortuntaley, the LA Guerillas provided a simple trick for catching enemy squads by surprise.

How to 1v4 an enemy team in Warzone 2

TeeP's Warzone 2 squad was made up of some of the most deadly players in the game and their Nuke quest was interrupted by a bug.Activision
There are plenty of ways to take on an enemy team in Warzone 2.

When you lose the rest of your squad in a Warzone 2 match, most players panic, and rightfully so. In some gunfights, it may feel like you died before even knowing what hit you.

The LA Guerillas revealed a simple trick to stay composed and make gunfights more manageable when outnumbered.

The TikToker used a ground loot TAQ-56 to prove the strategy is more about positioning than gun skill.

“As the gas approaches, I stay 25 meters ahead on a vantage point. In most cases, it will be a building or a hill. The enemies are behind a fence with only two openings. We can expect them to push through either one.”

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Getting aggressive only makes you more vulnerable, as it opens up the opportunity to get flanked from your blind spot.

“Staying too close limits your cone of vision, so we create distance to increase your view, allowing us to see both openings on our screen at the same time.”

To complete the squad wipe, all players need to do is sit on top of the vantage point, and let the gas funnel the enemy team in your sights. From there, it is like shooting fish in a barrel as the high ground lets you make quick work of the opposition.

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