Warzone 2 expert reveals secret settings added in Season 3

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Warzone 2 Season 3 made wide-sweeping changes across Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, and some of which slipped between the cracks.

Season 3 made a few significant changes to Warzone 2. The battle royale sequel received a new Gulag, Massive Resurgence, and the Trophy Hunt event. One-shot sniping was also finally added back after months of pleading from players.

Unfortunately, promised movement changes and TTK improvements failed to live up to expectations, leading to community members slamming the seasonal update. Tensions boiled over, and players were livid that the game didn’t feel different.

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Frustrations over unmet expectations dominated headlines, causing a few subtle changes to fly under the radar. The New York Subliners caught wind of important quality-of-life changes made and warned players.

Season 3 adds secret setting to Warzone 2

The New York Subliners TikTok constantly keeps players up to date with what’s new in the battle royale. The Subliners warned players about changes made to Warzone 2 settings in Season 3.

“Activision tried to pull a fast one on us. After the recent update, there are numerous settings that were changed and a few secret settings added that we really don’t want.”

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The Subliners claimed that world motion blur and weapon motion blur were both flipped on for some players after the update. The TikToker recommended flipping both back to off, as it makes the game run and look smoother.

Season 3 also added cinematic music, and the TikToker suggested turning that slider all the way down, so it doesn’t get in the way of important audio.

It wasn’t all bad, as the developers added a new feature that automatically switches a weapon when you run out of ammo. This setting may end up saving a player’s life during an intense gunfight.

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Every setting in Warzone 2, and MW2 is subjective. There is no right or wrong way to adjust settings, but it is important to know what may have changed without you knowing.

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