Warzone 2 expert reveals how to “never lose” against akimbo pistols

Akimbo pistols dominate in Warzone 2, but the LA Guerillas TikTok taught a lesson in countering the overpowered weapon.

Infinity Ward nerfed akimbo pistols in the Season 1 Reloaded update. Dual-wielding pistols deal less damage against armored opponents, yet players still gravitate toward using the fan-favorite weapon. WZ2’s new perk system contributes to its popularity.

Out of the eight available preset perk packages, only one allows players to use two primary weapons at once. So odds are, you are using a secondary weapon, and akimbo pistols stand out as the most viable option.

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Going up against an akimbo pistol user up close and personal is a nightmare. Fortunately, the LA Guerillas TikTok cracked the code and discovered a perfect way to fight back.

Warzone 2 expert unearths method for dealing with akimbo pistols

P890 pistol Warzone 2 loadoutActivision
The P890 pistol is lethal when used akimbo.

On January 30, the LA Guerillas gave three tips for dealing with akimbo pistol users.

The first piece of advice is to create distance with a door or stairs from the akimbo pistol user. Once the enemy gets closer, it should be an easy kill if you are holding a pre-fire angle.

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“With akimbo pistols, players can only hipfire, limiting how precise they are.”

Players can take advantage of akimbo pistols’ weakness by getting behind a head glitch and shooting back while crouched. The LA Guerillas even recommended snaking while hiding behind cover. Lastly, as you are running away from an enemy, quickly turning around to fire back will catch them off guard.

“Run just until you are hidden, and then turn around. Hit a drop shot, lay prone at stairs, or climb a wall mid-gunfight. The enemy won’t expect this.”

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Warzone 2 Season 2 makes it possible for players to customize their perks. Infinity Ward clarified that the new feature will launch with a reduced pool of perks to choose from. If players can choose overkill, this would theoretically make akimbo pistols less viable, as equipping two primary weapons would be easier.

Until Warzone 2’s next season begins on February 15, players can at least use this advice to alleviate a few headaches.

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