Warzone 2 expert reveals how to max level a weapon in a flash


Modern Warfare 2’s attachment system requires players to level up every weapon, and one YouTuber shared the perfect shortcut in Warzone 2.

Modern Warfare 2 introduced a new controversial attachment unlock system. Rather than unlocking attachments per class, MW2 forces players to leave their comfort zone and use every weapon. For example, you may need to level up a shotgun to unlock an attachment for an SMG.

On the one hand, this system adds extra variety in multiplayer matches, as players will use weapons they usually don’t try. However, some players argue it’s too convoluted, and you shouldn’t be forced to level up a weak gun.

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An added benefit of MW2’s feature is when you unlock an attachment, it can be equipped on any weapon. So, players only need to trudge through the tedious grind once before getting the customization options they need.

Warzone 2 YouTuber shares easy weapon leveling method

This method works best on Ashika Island.

Reaching the max level on a weapon unlocks every attachment. By just playing normally a semi-skilled player can reach the max level of a weapon in around an hour. Warzone 2 YouTuber FourEyes revealed how to max-level a weapon in just around 20 minutes.

FourEyes recommends using this method on Warzone 2’s new Resurgence map, Ashika Island. The basic premise of the technique is completing contracts and avoiding gunfights as much as possible.

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First, players must create a loadout with the weapon they want to level up and use a Double XP token if they have one. Then the YouTuber suggested landing near a Scavenger contract and buy station. Pick up the contract and then loot chests until you have $2,500. Go to the buy station and use that money to purchase the weapon you want to level up.

From there, players must race to complete as many Most Wanted contracts as possible. Having your location on the map may seem intimidating, but the YouTuber revealed that looting chests reduce the contract time by 10 seconds.

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Ideally, FourEyes recommends completing about three or four contracts per game and claims that you can max level a weapon within two games with a Double XP token active.