Warzone 2 expert claims underused attachment makes every gun “much easier to use”

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Warzone 2 YouTuber and statistician WhosImmortal has pinpointed a forgotten underbarrel attachment, which he claims makes every weapon in the BR “so much easier to use”.

Warzone 2 has a huge amount of weapons, attachments and tuning options for players to explore as they craft their strongest loadouts. 

While it’s come in for some criticism for being “overcomplicated”, others have welcomed the amount of choice and freedom it offers players. Regardless, it can be tough to know which attachments are the best in such a saturated gunsmith. 

According to Warzone expert WhosImmortal, there’s one underused underbarrel that instantly improves every weapon in the game. 

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Warzone 2 underbarrel “changes long-range meta entirely”

Highlighted in a January 26 video, the YouTuber discussed the most effective underbarrel attachments to reduce recoil and make accurate fire achievable. 

While some options – like the Merc Foregrip or FTAC Ripper 56 – are decent enough, there’s one that stands out. 

“Then we’ve got the Lockgrip Precision,” he said. “You can see there are no cons for movement and what it’s doing for your recoil control is insane.”

Specifically, it reduces vertical view kick by 10%, horizontal view kick by 9%, and overall weapon kick by 9%. That contrasts with the Ripper, which improves each area by roughly 4%. 

The only real weakness of the Lockgrip Precision-40 is that it slows ADS by more than other underbarrels but, as the YouTuber pointed out, ADS is less important in long-range gunfights. 

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Timestamp: 1:00 

WhosImmortal claimed it makes every gun in the game “so much easier to use”, equipping it on his Kastov-762, a weapon known for moderate kick. 

However, with the Lockgrip attached, he said it becomes “incredibly easy to use and even more lethal than before”.

It might not be suitable for your close-range loadouts but, for now, you should get it onto every weapon designed for those long-distance engagements.