Warzone 2 players want Escape from Tarkov-like vendors in DMZ

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Some Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players think Escape from Tarkov features would work wonders for the DMZ experience.

DMZ mode entered the mix with the launch of Warzone 2, emphasizing survival and extraction as players traverse the map to complete objectives.

Though trios rest at the core of the experience, users can also go it alone or in duos. And, so far, the mode has become a fan-favorite, despite its status as a beta.

The beta phase has many players confident in the development team’s ability to improve the DMZ’s problem areas.

Warzone 2 users want Escape from Tarkov features in DMZ

Of late, Warzone fans have especially looked to Escape from Tarkov for the types of changes they’d like to see reflected in DMZ.

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Reddit user ShrimpConsumer, for example, thinks a system akin to Tarkov’s flea markets or vendors could elevate Warzone 2’s in-game economy.

The idea is that players could use the money they extract to purchase goods from vendors. “I feel like you should be able to mod contraband guns, but only with attachments and accessories you buy from the market,” the Redditor said.

A Tarkov-esque hideout or base for storing extra items and money would be beneficial, too, ShrimpConsumer added.

Based on responses to the post, a few Warzone 2 players like the Redditor’s pitch. One person wrote, “honestly, I’d prefer them to just copy as much as they can from EFT.”

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Another user said they’ve recently returned to Escape from Tarkov and think the “incentive to keep playing is so much better than DMZ” in Warzone 2.

But others want to keep the two shooters separate. “This game is not Tarkov. It’s its own entity,” one noted.

Since DMZ presently remains in beta, there’s no telling how it will turn out once the full version goes live.