Warzone 2 devs reveal one shot sniping and buy station changes in Season 3


The Warzone 2 devs confirmed one-shot kill sniper rifles are returning in Season 3, but not in the same state as WZ1.

Infinity Ward hinted at a “crucial” change to sniper rifles in the early Season 3 patch notes. Community members speculated this signaled a return of one-shot kill sniping, which split players.

One side of the aisle argued WZ2 would devolve back into a sniper-dominated meta like WZ1, while others claimed the class isn’t strong enough in its current state.

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After a few days of heated debate, Activision stepped forward and confirmed that one-shot snipe rifles will be making a return in Season 3.

One-shot sniping is back in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 visibility sniperActivison
Warzone Season 2 briefly added one-shot snipers unintentionally.

This isn’t the first time one-shot sniping has been added to WZ2. Incendiary ammunition enabled snipers to one-shot kill enemies again during Season 2. After one week, the developers stepped in and reverted the change.

In Season 2 Reloaded, one-shot sniping made another appearance. As part of the St. Patricks Day event, a special Victus XMR sniper didn’t just instant kill to the head, but after any successful shot.

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On April 10, the Warzone 2 devs announced: “Expect the return of one-shot sniper rifles — under certain attachment and platform conditions — as part of this seasonal update.”

Some community members raised concern about players holding buy stations with one-shot sniper rifles. Infinity Ward reassured fearful players by announcing Season 3 changes buy station locations to safer locations, such as indoors or behind cover.

Incendiary rounds reduce damage range, bullet velocity, and bullet penetration. That attachment’s limitations prevented sniping from becoming too overpowered during Season 2.

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The developers did not reveal what attachment and platform conditions need to be met in order to kill enemies one-shot for Season 3. Players will be filled in once the official patch notes go live on April 12.

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