Warzone 2 devs reveal more DMZ fixes following February 17 update

Warzone 2 player after being downedActivision

Warzone 2 developers Infinity Ward have unveiled more DMZ bug fixes as issues persisted despite recent hotfixes.

The anticipated release of Season 2 has been a breath of fresh air for many players — acting as the first major update of the new year.

The new season is certainly something to be excited about too. Introducing the resurgence map, Ashika Island, as well as multiple new weapons, players have a ton to keep them busy.

It’s fair to say the CoD devs have been hard at work these past few weeks, releasing numerous patches since the new season, aimed at fixing issues across all modes. Nevertheless, the devs have released yet another hotfix for the fourth consecutive day, this time aimed at fixing DMZ’s issues.

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Warzone devs reveal more DMZ bug fixes

In a February 18 tweet, the Infinity Ward devs revealed they’ve released another update, this time addressing bugs in DMZ.

According to the devs, the latest patch is aimed to fix an issue that caused some players to lose their inventory when using the final exfil in DMZ.

Furthermore, Infinity Ward has addressed the mode’s difficulty issues, which caused reinforcements to keep appearing, as well as Tier 3 enemies spawning in unintended areas.

Since the release of the new season, the devs have battled with a ton of bugs, as players have encountered problems such as not being able to move after reviving a teammate, armor plate equipping issues, as well as irritating game crashes.

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Thankfully, there looks to be an end in sight to all the issues, as the devs continue to address and hotfix more bugs.