Warzone 2 demon shows off mind-blowing “surfing” technique on Ashika Island

Warzone 2 operator Ronin brings the melee power to Ashika Island.Activision

Warzone 2 was slammed on release for the decision to take away many of the key movement techniques of its predecessor. However, fans have since discovered methods that are unique to the new entry, and ‘surfing’ is the most powerful one yet.

Warzone 2 has had some wild discoveries in its first two seasons. From ledge bouncing to turning vehicles into submarines, it seems like every month has brought on a new way to break the game.

While surfing, or the act of moving around the map as if gliding through the air, is a popular mechanic in games like Counter-Strike, it hasn’t taken hold in Warzone quite yet.

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However, that change could be on the way, as one player has figured out how to make the most of the unique movement ability on Ashika Island.

Warzone 2 demon shows off powerful ‘surfing’ technique on Ashika Island

Surfing requires a great deal of coordination and pulling it off is quite complex. Only those who dedicate an enormous amount of time to it ever come close to truly mastering it.

That’s what we see here in a video from euphoria 2 player exenny who has several videos showing it off over on YouTube, as well as on Twitter.

The final result may look unnatural at first, but there’s no cheating involved. It’s all made possible by manipulating an operator’s movement against sloped surfaces.

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When done correctly, it can be used for unbelievable outplays or simply to get out of a sticky situation and essentially move across the map as if a player had redeployed.

This isn’t the kind of thing that the average player will ever have the time to sit down and learn, but for those dedicated enough to figure it out, the results can completely change how Warzone 2 is played.

This isn’t an Ashika Island exclusive tech either, as there are tons of Al Mazrah clips on exenny’s channel as well.