Warzone 2 player cosplaying as a decoy is doing things right

warzone 2 decoyActivision Blizzard

As if the Inflatable Decoy wasn’t bad enough, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players will now cosplay as decoys to trick enemy combatants.

The Inflatable Decoy exists in Modern Warfare II and WZ2, functioning as a Field Upgrade that can often offer tactical advantages.

A decoy can prove most useful for drawing out hidden foes, then taking them down when they make a move on the inflatable.

Snipers in MW2 have especially put this tactic to good use, deploying a decoy on a rooftop to pick off foes at ground level. Now a new level of trickery has taken root in the Warzone sequel.

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Players learns that some Warzone 2 decoys aren’t inflatable

“These inflatable decoys are getting out of control,” Redditor M_RiGGz said in a post accompanied by footage of a pretty genius decoy trick.

In the gameplay video, the Reddit user enters a house whose kitchen area seems to be occupied by a decoy. The player shoots the presumed inflatable, only for it to turn and start firing back.

Had the decoy cosplayer acted a bit quicker, they might have gotten the drop on M_RiGGz. Instead, the latter managed to eliminate their clever opponent sustaining too much damage.

Unsurprisingly, many Reddit users said they fell for the decoy ruse when watching the clip. One person wrote, “genuinely had me thinking that he was a decoy for a good second lol.”

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“I had to watch this multiple times to figure out if it was a decoy or not,” someone else said. Another Redditor argued the move made the fake decoy the “smartest player” in Warzone 2.

With this in mind, Warzone 2 users would do well to be more mindful of both inflatables and user-controlled copycats.