Warzone $100k CDL Rebirth tournament already ruined by hackers in day 1 qualifiers

rebirth island players running with CDL Resurgence logo in cornerActivision

Activision have put together a $100,000 CDL Resurgence tourney, bringing together top Warzone competitors alongside prestigious Call of Duty League talent — but the open qualifiers have kicked off under much scrutiny.

The CDL Resurgence Warzone tournament has two stages of qualification before the main stage on April 24.

Open qualifiers officially started on Tuesday, April 5, as the CDL Resurgence quads playlist landed in Warzone. Any player can sign up and play in the open qualifiers, with aspirations of competing for the top $100k prize.

Therein lies the issue, though: any player can sign up, and as a result, it’s become a hotbed for hackers trying to ruin everyone else’s fun and chances of qualifying.

CDL Resurgence Rebirth IslandActivision
The CDL Resurgence tournament hasn’t got off to the greatest start.

While some players will automatically qualify due to their involvement with CDL teams — you would imagine players such as Aydan and Tommey would represent New York Subliners and LA Thieves respectively — many of even the most accomplished players will be fighting through the qualifying playlist.

One of those was Subliners content creator Swish, who said that the tournament is already “chalked” as hackers with fresh accounts run rampant.

She’s not the only one, though. Myst3ry Gaming on Twitter said that he has “never seen more cheaters in my life than I have tonight in the CDL Quads Resurgence Playlist.”

He added that the game was “not even close to being playable.”

This Open qualifiers stage doesn’t last long, being closed on April 6 ahead of qualification stage round 1 from April 11–14.

It’s unclear whether developers Raven would make a change or some fixes to try and stop the infiltration of hackers into the CDL Resurgence playlist, but there’s not long now before the official qualification stages get underway.