Viral Warzone TikTok reveals hidden “Batcave” full of loot

warzone caldera map with batman logoActivision, Warner Bros. Entertainment

Players are learning new details about Warzone’s new map – Caldera – all the time. The latest cool find is an apparent Batcave that is home to loot and even a mysterious secret too. The location has been found and shared by a TikTok user that shows where it is and how to get in.

Verdansk always had some cool spots for players to go to hide away from players or score some nice loot. Caldera is still very much in its infancy in Season 1, and it will take a while to find all of its secrets and awesome locations.

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But arguably the coolest one yet has been found, and it looks to be a nod to the classic Batcave. The super-secret hideout of the famous vigilante Batman, the Batcave acted as Bruce Wayne’s detective lair. Now, it seems like Caldera has its own mini-version that doesn’t quite have the state-of-the-art technology that the Batcave does, but it does have some useful goodies.

airfield POI in warzone pacificActivision
It’s not the most loot-filled spot like Airfield, but it’s still pretty fun.

The location of the Warzone Caldera Batcave has been made public knowledge by TikTok user Spartan3319. Their 15-second TikTok video revealed all: its location, what’s in it, and how to get inside of it.

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The spot in question can be found just south of the Power Plant POI, and the player will come across two waterfalls next to each other. If the player walks into the left waterfall, they will enter a secret area – the ‘Batcave’.

Inside are a couple of supply chests, and what Spartan3319 thinks is a “bunker that might open up in the future.”

The name Batcave comes about because, in the Batman Begins film, Batman flies the Batmobile through a waterfall in order to access the Batcave. Spartan3319 believes this is the perfect spot to “pull off a Most Wanted contract or just to lie low.”

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Obviously, the location isn’t going to remain a big secret for too long, and you may have to watch out for competing players vying for those two chests.