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Viral Warzone TikTok confuses everyone as player enters The Matrix to dodge a sniper

Published: 5/Jan/2022 5:03 Updated: 5/Jan/2022 5:20

by Brad Norton


A viral Warzone TikTok is catching fire across social media as the Call of Duty community has been left stumped by a player that seemingly entered The Matrix to dodge a bullet.

We all have our epic moments when playing Warzone. Whether it’s a flashy 1v1 or a huge squad wipe to clutch up for your team, these heart-pounding plays are what keeps us dropping back in.

But every now and then, a new highlight trumps everything before it. That’s exactly what happened in the first week of 2022 as an unbelievable play caught the attention of the entire Warzone community.


With a sniper locked on from afar, it seemed all but inevitable in ‘ritoreef’s’ TikTok that the headshot would connect. What happened next, however, defied all Warzone logic as the enemy ducked their head at the perfect moment.

@ritoreef Reply to @ai0ns0 I gotchu 😏 #warzone #comment #sniper #warzoneclips #cod #vanguard #viral #caldera #funnymoments #reply ♬ original sound – RitoReef

Right as the shot was fired, the Operator dipped their head to the side. Imitating Neo from The Matrix, it looked as though entered another dimension. Somehow they could feel the bullet soaring through the air and knew just when to get out the way.

This is no usual animation either. Leaning to the side like that isn’t something a player can manually trigger in Warzone. 


As a result, the TikTok quickly spread across social media, confusing just about everyone that saw it.

“This player took the red pill,” FaZe Clan streamer Swagg joked on Twitter. “Man’s living in a different universe than us,” JaredFPS responded.

There’s no telling exactly how this miracle occurred, but we have a decent guess. Being right on the edge of the zone, there’s a good chance the gas mask animation played a role.

Warzone automatically pulls this mask on for you. Therefore, it makes sense that equipping it changes your stance for a split second.

Warzone gameplay
Activision / TikTok: ritoreef
Neo would be impressed with this next-level bullet dodge in Warzone.

Another possible explanation is that a new Warzone bug just came into effect. The character model looked identical to an Operator mounted up behind a wall, after all.


While there was no cover nearby, perhaps a glitch forced them into an awkward angle while aiming down sights.

There’s no telling for certain, hence why this one in a million clip is sending the internet into a frenzy. For now, let’s just hope this doesn’t become a feature if a new Matrix bundle arrives soon in Warzone.