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Viral Warzone streamer reveals how he wins gunfights with musical instruments

Published: 13/Jan/2021 1:01

by Tanner Pierce


Streamer DeanoBeano is known for using instruments like pianos and drum kits to play Call of Duty but the innovative player has just gone viral again for winning a Gulag match with a recorder.

Twitch streamer DeanoBeano has gone viral in the past for using instruments to play Call of Duty games, a feat which most people cannot say they’ve accomplished. He famously used a drum kit to get a some kills in a Modern Warfare clip a while back and then gained recognition again for using a piano to net some kills in the same game.

Now, it seems like he’s eager to try out some harder instruments, as DeanoBeano is now using a recorder to make his moves in Warzone. Specifically, he used the instrument to nab a win in the game’s Gulag, allowing him to get a second chance in Verdansk.


In a recent stream, DeanoBeano used a recorder to nab a kill in the Gulag.

Using a recorder of all instruments to get a kill is impressive, though it wasn’t ever clear how he was using it as a controller, considering there are no obvious ways to “plug” it into his PC. Thanks to an interview with CharlieINTEL, however, we now know exactly what’s going on.

“I use instruments that I plug in to convert MIDI signals to keyboard commands, and acoustic instruments I control using pitch to MIDI, then MIDI to keyboard commands. The bongos were actually a controller from the GameCube games Donkey Konga and Donkey Kong Bongo Bash,” DeanoBeano said.


I won my gulag with a recorder LOL from r/CODWarzone

MIDI is what allows instruments to connect to computers and helps send signals. MIDI-enabled instruments have essentially become the industry standard now for musicians, considering most make their music on computers, allowing them to more easily capture and perform how they want.

While the actual gameplay isn’t all too crazy considering it’s just him aiming in one spot and getting the kill, it’s still insane when considering what he’s actually using to control his character. With the usage of the recorder, who knows what he’ll use in the future.