Viral clip exposes Warzone hackers shooting at the ground for kills

Ghost in Warzone by fire and moneyActivision

A viral clip has showcased Warzone hackers being able to get kills by shooting at the floor, making it seem as if their bullets are ricocheting into enemies.

Ever since Warzone launched over a year ago, Raven Software have had a tough task in eradicating hackers from the battle royale.

They’ve shut down cheat-selling websites and dished out plenty of bans to hackers, but if you drop into a match on Verdansk or Rebirth Island, you’re likely to find a wallhacker or an aim botter.

Some cheaters manage to slip through the net and avoid detection in a number of ways, and now, it looks as if some are trying to do so by shooting at the floor.

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Warzone train lineActivision
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

Warzone streamer RayTheGreat posted a clip that has since gone viral of a hacker taking him and his teammates down by shooting at the floor.

In the clip, the hacker in question jumps through a window and waits for Ray to appear on their screen. Once the streamer does so, the bizarre sequence commences where he’s taken down by shots that ricochet off the floor.

On Ray’s screen, some shots appear to fire off normally without hitting the floor, but there are plenty that appear to bounce off the floor as well.

The streamer was clearly bemused by what had happened, screaming in confusion by how the shots were hitting the ground and killing him.

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He called on Activision and Raven to do something about it, but, as of writing, it’s unknown if they have.

It remains to be seen if this tactic of shooting at the ground becomes more widespread, or if it’s just a one-off. But either way, it’s clearly absurd.