Vikkstar calls out Warzone devs over hackers after tournament drama

Jacob Hale
Vikkstar calls out Warzone devs over hackers
Instagram: vikkstagram/Activision

Popular UK YouTuber Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Barn has hit out at Warzone developers Raven Software, as hackers run rampant in Verdansk, far worse than he has experienced in any other battle royale title.

The hacking problem in Warzone has perhaps been its biggest issue since launching back in March 2020. There are thousands of players running around with wallhacks, aimbot and more, due largely to an inefficient anti-cheat software in the game.

Despite numerous ban waves, the problem persists and hackers can simply create new accounts or find alternative ways around their bans, making them pretty much ineffective.

After several tournaments were infested with hackers or opponents using map exploits, Vikkstar, among others, called for major change.

Vikkstar talking about Warzone in game
YouTube: Vikkstar123
Vikkstar has been grinding Warzone since it launched, but is finding it increasingly tedious.

During his very own Warzone Showdown 2.0, which was running alongside Nadeshot’s $100,000 Invitational, Vikkstar suffered extensively and decided to publicly call for change from Raven.

“Ran into several blatant hackers today while competing & was killed by a player that had glitched underneath the map during Grand Finals,” he said in the May 18 tweet. “I have to be honest with you Call of Duty [and] Raven Software this is becoming incredibly tiring. I’m sure other competitors feel the same way.”

He continued: “I’ve played H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite & Apex for hundreds of hours & can count the number of hackers I’ve faced on one hand. I run into the same number on a daily basis on Warzone.”

This is a sentiment shared by a number of Warzone players, who have noticed a significant increase in cheaters compared to other top battle royale games.

Fellow YouTube streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop responded to Vikk, saying that “it’s been so bad this week.”

Whether or not this changes how Raven and Activision approach the hacking situation remains to be seen.

With so many creators, pros, and regular players growing increasingly sick of the cheating situation, it’s fair to say that everyone wants something to be done.