Vanguard Zombies unlimited ammo exploit is totally game-breaking

Andrew Highton
cod vanguard elite enemy

It appears that the new Vanguard Zombies update has played havoc with some of the game’s core mechanics. More precisely, players have found a Deathmachine killstreak exploit that allows it to have unlimited ammo.

Treyarch’s January 11 update for Vanguard Zombies added a hefty bit of content to the game mode. Der Anfang is the game’s only map at present, and players have felt “neglected” by the game’s lack of content.

However, it appears like things might be turning a corner though. Season 2 promises a ton of new content and features, hopefully including the long-awaited ability to pause the game. For the time being though, players are enjoying the new round-based gameplay and Killstreaks.

Yet, one of those Killstreaks is perhaps offering a little too much bang for its buck.

deathmachine in cod zombies
The Deathmachine has featured in multiple Call of Duty titles.

The Deathmachine Killstreak is basically a furious, firing freak of nature. A deadly Minigun that can tear through flesh in an instant. It’s a perfect addition to Vanguard Zombies, and a strange exploit is somehow making it more powerful.

forengeis11 has found that a simple little exploit can make the Deathmachine churn out a torrent of deadly ammunition, effectively pause, and restock itself.

In their video they posted to the CoD Zombies subreddit, they unloaded a barrage of fire on the helpless undead, swapped to their Combat Shield, and the Deathmachine’s ammo had magically replenished.

The player repeated the trick several more times during the course of the video and it worked every time. One commenter said: “Literally all you have to do is swap weapons. This game is a mess.”

It’s unclear at this juncture if it’s the new Combat Shield weapon that causes this unlimited ammo exploit. It may just simply be any weapon you can switch to will cause the Deathmachine to become an unstoppable force of zombie-killing nature.