Vanguard Zombies players tired of “not being listened to” with round-based maps

vanguard zombies attackingActivision

Despite insisting since day one, Vanguard Zombies players are becoming increasingly agitated over the continued disappearance and blanking of a fully-fledged round-based map.

It goes without saying that Vanguard’s Der Anfang Zombies will not be held in high esteem when all is said and done. Every new update and announcement is met with anger and frustration with fans claiming Zombies is “unplayable”  and “a slap in the face” to CoD fans.

The heart and soul of Zombies has always been the creative, round-based maps that get increasingly tougher with every round. The mode is usually packed full of Perks, Wonder Weapons, Easter Eggs, secrets, and more on top of that.

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As we head towards Season 2 of Vanguard, Treyarch has given no indication that a dedicated round-based map is in development.

angry zombie up closeActivision
Zombies players just getting angrier and angrier.

Will Vanguard Zombies ever get a round-based map?

Treyarch’s first major step towards rebuilding the fanbase’s faith was the recent inclusion of a faux round-based variant tucked away in Der Anfang.

But players saw through the lackluster attempt to be inclusive, calling the ’round-based’ effort “preschool garbage.” Now, a passionate post on the Zombies subreddit has discussed why the absence of a round-based map is so frustrating.

“I mean seriously, they know the whole Zombie community here has been asking for that for months and months since launch last year, so why do they not listen to us who bought their game?” the disgruntled fan said.

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They continued: “It is so simple. Why are they making this so F-ing difficult? All people have asked for is a standard round-based map with a WW [Wonder Weapon] and EE [Easter Egg] and that is it. People are not asking for anything special, you know?

A fresh leak indicated that a new map is in fact on the way with Wonder Weapons that we already know a bit about.

However, the map leak had listed underneath “Map Areas,” and there’s a feeling that it’s either an extension of Der Anfang or another map in a similar vein to Vanguard’s existing game mode. We shall have to wait and see.

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