Vanguard Zombies players slam ‘preschool garbage’ round-based update

Vanguard Zombies players slam 'preschool garbage' round-based updateActivision

Vanguard Zombies hasn’t quite met the community’s hopes thus far. To make matters worse, players are blasting the dev’s round-based update as they feel like a child made it.

Zombies has hit a rough patch of grass in the Vanguard season. Despite Treyarch being in charge of the mode, it hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Players have had one wish through the game’s life cycle and that was to get the classic round-based maps back.

While the devs delivered this with the mid-season update, the community feels scammed and are trashing the round-based Vanguard experience.

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Vanguard Zombies players frustrated with round-based update 

Zombies fan ‘PoopNac’ was one of many that were let down after realizing what the new update actually entailed. In a complaint on Twitter, they criticized the game for forcing you to play through “dog s**t Der Anfang or whatever it’s called” to get to the round-based Shi No Numa round-based mode.

PoopNac was far from alone in frustrations about the update. A Reddit post by ‘SaltySpa’ had even more members of the community bashing the new patch.

SaltySpa’s criticisms followed PoopNac’s, complaining about Shi No Numa just being “a new Der Anfang objective.” While Salty thought everyone would be “crazy disappointed,” another Redditor took things even further: “Literally everything about Der Anfang is preschool-level garbage. Might as well have had no Zombies mode at all in this game.”

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Fans were expecting a full remake of the World at War map, Shi No Numa, but instead got the spawn room and not much in terms of nostalgic round-based action.

Vanguard Zombies Shi No NumaActivision
Vanguard Zombies players were expecting to get a full remake of the classic Shi No Numa map.

The update had given hope to the community, but players appear disappointed in what they ended up receiving. As one Redditor explained, “this is almost like instead of doing the bare minimum, they went a little bit under that. It’s like negative effort somehow.”

There’s no telling if Zombies fans will get a traditional map in Vanguard, but one thing is certain, they won’t be satisfied until it happens.

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