Vanguard Zombies leak reveals mysterious new Wonder Weapon

cod vanguard zombie approaching screenActivision

The first details on a Vanguard Zombies Wonder Weapon appear to have been leaked ahead of time. Wonder Weapons are expected in the next season of Zombies, but we may have an idea of what to expect.

The January 11 Vanguard Zombies update and patch notes unveiled a ton of new information about features coming to the game mode. Aside from the heavily requested pause feature finally being confirmed, a variety of other inclusions were mentioned.

One, in particular, got many Zombies fans excited, and that was the mention of Wonder Weapons. Not singular, plural. Long-time Zombies fans were dismayed that none were included at launch, not even a basic Ray Gun. After a “dumpster fire” Season 1 update, Treyarch seem to be making amends, and we may know one of the things they’re planning.

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cold war ray gunActivision
Zombies feels empty without a Ray Gun.

Twitter user Nanikos has built up a good reputation of datamining and leaking things ahead of time. This is why one of their latest findings is quite interesting.

They posted the following: “A new Wonder Weapon has seemingly been added to the Vanguard files as of the latest update. It is called the coolgun and is also classed as a pistol.”

Pistol Wonder Weapons are not uncommon in the Call of Duty Zombies universe, with Cold War having the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon and even the Chrysalax to an extent.

We know for definite that Wonder Weapons are on the way with Treyarch saying in the patch notes: “here’s plenty more in the works for Season Two, including multiple Wonder Weapons.” We would expect the Ray Gun to be a foregone conclusion as it’s been the series’ lead special weapon since Call of Duty: World at War.

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We can only speculate that either the ‘coolgun’ is a placeholder name, or it could be a cryo-infused gun. But no matter how confident a leaker is, take this information with a hint of caution as it may not turn out to be the case.