Vanguard Ranked update fixes biggest problems with SR progression

Vanguard Ranked update fixes biggest problems with SR progressionActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have been very critical of the Ranked Play system, with complaints mainly focusing on how much SR is gained and lost after matches. Now, devs are listening to feedback and working on these major issues in the playlist.

Vanguard’s Ranked mode came three months after the game’s initial release in November 2021. Even though this is technically just a beta, players have been very vocal about their problems with the ELO system.

While players have been non-stop complaining about low SR gains after wins and substantial losses in defeat, the devs have responded to those claims and are adjusting the system accordingly.

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Vanguard Ranked gets SR fix

In a March 28 update, Treyarch revealed that Vanguard Ranked players should no longer be faced with unfair SR earning and losses depending on the outcome of their match.

This comes off the back of mass reports from the community stating they would only gain about five SR in wins, but would lose over 50 even if they had to play a game 3v4.

On top of this, performance during a game has a slightly less impact on the outcome of the points you earn for each game.

Lead Game Design for Treyarch, Lawrence Metten, clarified these changes on Twitter and talked about the Hidden Performance Range (HPR) that every player has.

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HPR is explained as, “a range of how good we think you are and how we predict you’ll stack up against other players.” The better players you beat the more the range will go up. This is directly linked to your SR and when the two match up, you will start to earn less SR.

So, this means that you should probably start earning a greater amount for every win, and a lower amount for each loss until your SR and HPR catch up to one another.

Of course, there is room for it to fluctuate, depending on if you go on winning or losing streaks.

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