Vanguard players roast Call of Duty League’s “dogs**t” new skins

Jaret Kappelman
Vanguard players roast Call of Duty League's "dogs**t" new skins
Activision / CDL

With the 2022 Call of Duty League season on the horizon, players finally got the first official skin pack of the year which were immediately shredded for their “awful” looks. 

Like previous titles, Vanguard is getting in-game skins to showcase the Call of Duty League and hype up the season.

These cosmetics for the 2022 season were previously leaked when Season 1 was revealed and pros were slamming the design.

Now that it’s been officially revealed the majority of the CoD community has come together, unsatisfied as they got a look at the “dogs**t” CDL skins for the Vanguard season.

CDL fans slam poorly designed skins

The Call of Duty League revealed the CDL skin pack which includes two operator skins, two calling cards, three emblems, and a BAR blueprint. This is all available for $10 through the in-game store.

However, players were extremely disappointed with how the operator skin looked. With this pack, you get access to a home and away variant but people are still roasting them and calling it “a waste of money.”

Others took a chance to point out the lack of detail in the black and white scheme. One CDL fan is fed up with the creative team’s laziness, “You really make no effort with these CDL skins do you.”

On the other hand, pro players and fans were quick to point out that the blueprint is going to be completely useless for competitive use as the BAR has been GA’d (Gentlemen’s Agreement) by the comp scene.

People chimed in and compared the CDL skins to Halo’s esport skins. One said, “Halo is a free game and has better skins for half the price of this default s**t.”

While this is just the official CDL pack, players can expect team camos and skins to come out prior to the start of the 2022 season.