Vanguard players furious as weapon distortion turns enemies into wacky inflatable tubemen

Brad Norton
Vanguard inflatable tube men
Activision / Unsplash

The Call of Duty Vanguard Beta is not without its issues, but perhaps the most “punishing” yet has just been uncovered, as weapon distortion is quite literally turning enemies into wacky inflatable tubemen.

While it’s not live on all platforms just yet, PlayStation users have been able to kick off their Vanguard Beta grind already. In barely a few days, we’ve already seen a list of complaints grow larger by the hour.

From frustrating lobby issues, broken spawns, to the sun itself, there’s been all manner of issues pop up already. Though a new discovery may be the most critical yet.

With certain weapon types, distortion can reach entirely new levels. Therefore, when firing certain guns, you’re all but putting yourself at a disadvantage, as ‘TheXclusiveAce’ outlined in his September 12 YouTube video.

Even after switching motion blur off and disabling the depth of field effect, visibility still remains an issue in Vanguard. In fact, “the moment you start firing, everything becomes blurry,” the CoD YouTuber explained.

With a Machine Pistol in hand, TheXclusiveAce demonstrated how visibility impacts every gunfight. After firing just a few rounds, the enemy player model in front of him transforms into a completely different shape. 

Rather than staying in human form, the opposing player bends and stretches as a result of the gun’s visual effects. Ultimately, it leaves players “guessing” where their opponent actually stands.

“There is literally no valid reason for this,” players chimed in on Reddit. “This is just not something that should be in the game. Please take it out or give us an option to turn this off.”

While Sledgehammer Games has been vocal in responding to early Beta issues, the devs are yet to comment on this visibility gripe.

It appears to impact each weapon differently, but it’s something to keep in mind no matter what your loadout includes.

For the time being, even with attachments designed to reduce visibility issues, you’ll just have to play around the wacky inflatable tubemen in Vanguard.