Vanguard players demand nerf for overpowered LMG: “There’s no counter”

VG players want Whitley nerfedActivision

Some Call of Duty: Vanguard players are demanding that Sledgehammer Games nerf the Whitley LMG, claiming the weapon’s “overpowered” and has “no counter.”

Released during Vanguard Season 2, the Whitley LMG was a controversial weapon from the get-go due to its “pay to win” nature and its combination of great two-shot kill potential, enormous magazine size, and bullet penetration capability.

It’s the quintessential gun as it was designed to do high amounts of damage and has virtually zero weaknesses as it has no problems in terms of handling or recoil.

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Because of this, its power in Vanguard has some players fed up and wanting it to change.

Whitley LMG Vangaurd and WarzoneActivision
The Whitley LMG is a supremely powerful weapon.

Vanguard players demand nerf to “overpowered” Whitley LMG

Emphasizing the Whitley LMG’s strength on the official Call of Duty Vanguard subreddit was a Redditor by the name of Kingtinkerer102, who questioned why the weapon hasn’t been nerfed yet, bringing up that it has no counter.

“The Whitley, it’s just overpowered and broken,” said the user. “It’s not like a ‘you’re just bad at the game’ type of thing. There is just no real way to counter it, it feels like.”

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Kingtinkerer102 later elaborated as to why they feel this way, detailing some of the Whitley’s strengths such as its damage and the caliber of ammo it uses.

“Its extended .50 BMG 150 round boxes just should not exist,” explained Kingtinkerer102. “Increasing the guns damage by 70% while only reducing its firing rate by 22.1%, the recoil increase is also not really notable, it also seems to give the gun the ability to shoot through every wall in the game.”

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These sentiments were echoed by others in the Reddit post, in which not only did they answer the user’s initial question but also gave their thoughts on the weapon.

One said, “because they couldn’t care less about the game and want noobs to achieve their first nuke with it.”

“I completely agree. Honestly, I think the game would be a lot better balance-wise if most of the high-caliber ammo conversions were removed,” said another. “I don’t think any of the lower-caliber conversions are useful in any regard.

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There’s a chance this highly powered LMG might see some changes very soon as Season 2 Reloaded might be around the corner. Only time will tell of Sledgehammer Games will address it.